Delfoi Robotics

Delfoi Robotics

Delfoi Robotics’ offline programming (OLP) software represents the most advanced offline programming technology available today. The software offers unique features for areas prioritizing time, cost, and quality:

  • Fast and easy programming and trajectory/program editing
  • Quality Control: Accurate and seamless application
  • Accurate tool paths: Advanced calibration tools and application management
  • Supports all major robot brands; ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Motoman, Panasonic, …

Delfoi Robotics’ product lineup includes Delfoi ARC, Delfoi CUT, and Delfoi PAINT, designed for comprehensive areas of industrial robot technology applications. With over 20 years of intense development efforts and professional experience, the software expertise provides solutions tailored to each company’s needs.

Software support for all major robot brands can be found at the bottom of the page. The software is used in various industries including automotive, heavy machinery, aerospace, construction, steel, and shipbuilding. Currently, Delfoi Robotics applications are utilized by more than 400 industrial companies.

The Delfoi Robotics software suite utilizes proven simulation technology provided by Visual Components.



Delfoi ARC 4.0 is a parametric and feature-based offline programming software. It converts 3D CAD model features into essential and internal WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) features efficiently. Creating programs is fast and error-free. The commissioning time is typically one-tenth of the time required for online teaching of a robot. Delfoi’s arc welding application, including companies like Caterpillar, CNH Industrial, John Deere Forestry, Ponsse, and Volvo Construction Equipment, is used by over 300 welding companies worldwide.



Delfoi CUT is designed for offline programming of robots in various 3D cutting processes. The program uses 3D shape curves of the object to automatically create tool paths, such as along the outer contours of the product to be sanded. Quick programming is performed without any interruptions in production, achieving excellent quality even in the first product. Some typical processes include water jet cutting, plasma cutting, and laser cutting. Customers like ABB, BNFL, Metso Power, and Saint Gobain Automotive are among our clients.


Delfoi RoboCAM is an offline programming solution designed for processing, milling, sanding, polishing, surface treatment, and cleaning of three-dimensional surfaces and workpieces with robots. The program uses 3D shape data related to the object and automatically creates tool paths on the object or surface. Some of our customers include ABB, Sulzer Pumps, Ponsse, and NSC (National Steel Car).



Delfoi PAINT is software designed for programming painting and coating applications using robots. The software can be used to simulate the completed painting process in a versatile and simple way. For instance, the correlation between paint coating thickness and painting speed can be easily verified even during offline programming. The offline programming of the painting robot uses geometric shape data from the 3D CAD model. The software determines positioning points for the painting robot at the desired distance and orientation (angle) from the product surface, and applies desired intervals or movement patterns (shapes). Delfoi PAINT also includes analysis tools that predict and evaluate final results such as surface quality and coating thickness. The analysis also aids in minimizing excess spraying.