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As ONO Teknoloji, we provide digital transformation solutions to manufacturing companies within the framework of Industry 4.0 industrial revolution.


Predicts the future accurately, collaborates with reliable partners and networks, inspires excitement, and motivates.

ONO Technology is a technology company focused on Industry 4.0, established to carefully analyze and develop the increasing demand in the industrial sector in Turkey. It has been brought to life by business individuals with years of expertise and consultancy in multinational companies in the fields of industry, communication, and automation.



Custom designs for scenario-based hybrid and fully automated production lines
Robotic system, line design, needs determination
Internal logistics design and integration into production with AGV (Mobile robot)
Feasibility and capacity determination for ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System)


In today’s world, manufacturers must meet market expectations by producing fast, customized, and cost-effective products. Factory simulation, which we can refer to as Smart Factory, allows the creation of the concept of unmanned production in a virtual environment and provides the opportunity to test it with statistical outputs.


Machine Vision Quality control, error, defect detection in production Object and object detection, classification Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Predictive and preventive maintenance Machine learning, data analysis, and prediction in manufacturing


Past data: Historical performance data of machines, general processes, and specific systems.

Current data: Real-time data from equipment sensors, data from production platforms and systems, system data generated throughout the supply chain, and system data from other business units including customer service and procurement.

Future data: Data coming from machine learning as well as from engineers working in relevant industries.



Transformative Technologies for Industry 4.0

Delfoi Robotics

The world's leading offline robot programming (OLP) technology for fast, accurate, and error-free programming of industrial robots. Use Delfoi OLP software to increase robot utilization rates by over 90%.


Visual Components Robotics OLP

Discover the 3D Manufacturing Simulation Technology.

Built on a powerful, flexible, and scalable platform designed for manufacturing professionals.



Discover the 3D Manufacturing Simulation Technology.



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